1979-05 the amniotic fluid 28x36cm

1981-06 caretaker's domain 13x18cm

1981-06 downtown tornado 28x22cm

1981-06 steaks & hoagies (Kenmare Street) 28x22cm

1981-06 the masseuse's knee 28x22cm

1981-11 Saint Agatha and the mechanics 40,5x30,5cm

1981-12 Saint Alphege in Leningrad 30,5x23cm

1982-02 The Passion of Saint Cecily 28x35,5cm

1982-03 Saint Dionysius (cephalophore in Times Square) 35,5x28cm

1982-04 Saint Euphemia in the parking lot 30,5x23cm

1982-09 Saint Gerard of Csanad's fall 40,5x30,5cm

1982-09 Saint Isaac Jogues in Florence 35,5x28cm

1982-09 Saint Margaret with Perseus and David 23x30,5cm

1982-10 Saint Phocas digs in Montmartre 35,5x28cm

1982-10 tuscan isolation 56x38cm

1982-11 myself as an italian pop star 51x38cm

1982-11 myself as the discoverer of the dead sea scrolls 56x41cm

1982-11 Saint Pelagia of Tarsus with brazen bull in Venice 40,5x30,5cm

1982-11 Saint Pherbutha at Niagara Falls 40,5x30,5cm

1982-11 Saint Philip of Moscow in transit 23x30,5cm

1982-12 Sophie as an alpine tourist 56x40cm

1982-12 Switzerland as an enormous sanatorium 56x41cm

1983-01 final vows on Mount Olympus 56x40cm

1983-01 xenophobia - fear of strangers 75x56cm

1983-02 ailurophobia - fear of cats 75x56cm

1983-02 erythrophobia - fear of blushing 75x56cm

1983-03 acrophobia - fear of heights 75x56cm

1983-04 panphobia - fear of everything 75x56cm

1983-06 mysophobia - fear of dirt & germs 75x56cm

1983-07 claustrophobia - fear of closed spaces 75x56cm

1983-07 The Cure 108x78cm

1983-09 the tourist 108x78cm

1983-10 agoraphobia - fear of open places 75x56cm

1983-11 algophobia - fear of pain 75x56cm

1983-11 South America - a cayman anticipates a capybara for dinner 108x78cm

1983-12  incident on the Bowery 75x56cm

1983-12 Antarctica - a leopard seal preys on an Adelie penguin 108x78cm

1983-12 Asia - a snow leopard stalks bharal sheep 108x78cm

1983-12 Marcel Proust at my local bar 39x36cm

1984-01 subterranean parking 108x78cm

1984-02 simian skyline 108x78cm

1984-02 the South Bronx from the IRT 108x78cm

1984-03 apiarists at work 108x78cm

1984-03 urban renewal 91x71cm

1984-04 scouts on Houston Street 108x78cm

1984-05 relaxation &inspiration 244x168cm

1984-05 threshold of fear 244x168cm

1984-10 three men over Istanbul 80x57cm