2006-04 Belphegor with carpets 60x45cm

2006-04 Leviathan in the park 60x45cm

2006-05 Asmodeus in the alley 60x45cm

2006-05 Beelzebub with fast food 60x45cm

2006-05 Lucifer in Times Square 60x45cm

2006-05 Mammon with hats 60x45cm

2006-06 Satan and the band 60x45cm

2006-07 Lucifer cutting the ribbon 60x45cm

2006-08 Asmodeus in the alps 60x45cm

2006-08 Belphegor with gondola 60x45cm

2006-09 Leviathan on the pier 60x45cm

2006-09 Mammon in the bag 60x45cm

2006-10 Satan on the rocks 60x45cm

2006-11 Beelzebub ready for rain 60x45cm

2006-11 Satan on guard 60x45cm

2006-12 Beelzebub and bathers 60x45cm

2006-12 Lucifer and teens 60x45cm

2007-01 Leviathan on the line 60x45cm

2007-01 Mammon with baby 60x45cm

2007-02 Asmodeus at the cinema 60x45cm

2007-02 Belphegor with dog 60x45cm